Nowadays, a lot of people are struggling with some airways issues and they have a hard time breathing. For those people, there is a new medical device that will allow them to breathe normally. This device can be used to treat all kinds of conditions such as asthma, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis and much more. People that are living with these conditions find difficult to breathe because secretions are blocking the airways.

If you don’t do anything about this, then after some time, you can have a much more serious issue like an infection in the lungs. This device offers a therapy system that will loosen up your airways and help you get rid of the secretions. This is a fairly new device and because of that, we decided to write a short review about it and share our experience. therefore, here is everything that we have discovered about the acapella device.

Easy Use

Acapella PEP Therapy SystemThe most important thing that people always ask is how to use the device properly, well with this particular one, you don’t have to worry much about it because it is quite simple. You just have to hold the device with one or two hands in your mouth and start breathing. This way the device will start sending vibrations that will do all the work. The device is really simple and it doesn’t require from you any type of previous knowledge or training. You can just sit and relax your body and breathe slowly while the device works the magic.

The best thing about this device is one thing that was very surprising even to us and that is you don’t need any batteries or any type of electricity to use this device. You are the one that is making the device work, by just simply breathing through it.

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